What summer would it be without a nice pair of sandals? The heat puts a strain on our feet, which we often feel tired: open shoes immediately convey an idea of relief. But is it really so?

Well, not always. Sometimes, when we wear a pair of summer sandals our feet still suffer from heat and sweat. This results in a general feeling of tiredness and also in the formation of unpleasant odors inside the footwear.

Why does it happen? The secret is in the material sandals are made of. Non-breathable and non-absorbent materials tend to ”get hot” in contact with our skin, increasing the sensation of heat.

Furthermore, most of the eccrine glands that produce sweat are under the foot: therefore, it is necessary to pay a special attention to the insole material.

A key detail, even to avoid bad smell. The so called “foot odor” is actually due to shoes, which become real incubators of bacteria.

That’s why an accurate hygiene is not enough: every time the clean foot is slipped into the shoe, the bacteria attack it again, triggering a vicious circle that not even deodorants and powders can really break.

What is the solution? Choose your next pair of sandals carefully. Don’t focus only on design or on fashion trends but look into the materials the shoe is made of. Vegetable tanned leather with tannin is the perfect material for summer sandals:

  • it is breathable and permits the foot to “breathe“, decreasing the sensation of heat;
  • it is absorbent and prevents sweat from accumulating on the insole;
  • it is anti-odor, in fact it has an effective action to control the bacterial flora (as shown by two researches, conducted respectively by the University of Milan and the Wellmicro Laboratory, a spin-off of the University of Bologna), avoiding the formation of volatile fatty acids, responsible for the bad smell;
  • it is resistant, made to last over time and to resist against rubbing effectively;
  • it is elegant and is used successfully by the top fashion brands, because it is considered the fruit of a prestigious exclusive handcrafted process.

Furthermore, tannin, the substance used for vegetable tanning, is a 100% natural extract, totally safe even on the most delicate skin.

Hides tanned with chromium salts, on the other hand, can cause allergic reactions to sensitive subjects, such as irritations or contact dermatitis. A problem that can occur more frequently during the hot summertime.

Before buying a new pair of sandals, make the right questions: ask if they are made of vegetable tanned leather with tannin or other materials. A conscious choice is the key for your comfort!