A new purchasing mentality is spreading. The new trend can be summarized in the phrase “less is more“: people rediscover the pleasure of buying quality goods, able to last and maintain value over time.

A change that is also reflected in online sales, which in recent times have experienced a real “boom”. The dynamics of online shopping impose very different purchasing criteria: on the one hand, there is the possibility to reflect more on shopping choices. On the other hand, there is the impossibility of touching the goods, feeling their touch and why not even the perfume. Furthermore, the information found online is often incomplete, confusing, if not downright unreliable.

Correct information therefore becomes even more important if you want to make an informed purchase choice. Fortunately, the “disposable” mentality of the last few decades seems finally out of fashion.

This change is driven by the shift towards materials of natural origin which, besides enhancing the products qualities, can be easily disposed of at the end of their use cycle.

Among the most renowned articles made in these materials, there are the accessories in vegetable tanned leather with tannin.

Here are 6 good reason to put them in your basket:

Success guaranteed!

Shoes, bags, wallets, belts, key rings, diaries, objects for the home … objects in vegetable tanned leather are many and lend themselves to a great variety of styles, all sharing a characteristic that will certainly make them appreciated by anyone who receives them: quality. If you choose them, you can’t go wrong!

They are truly eco-sustainable

Vegetable tanned leather is a byproduct of the food industry: if not recovered by tanneries, the hides would become waste, and a waste really complex to dispose of. The tanning process, on the other hand, transforms them into a material that can be worked on and lasts over time. A transformation that takes place thanks to tanning agents, substances able to bind to proteins and stabilize them.

Without any use of chemical solvents

The traditional vegetable tanning process uses only tannins, plant extracts obtained with a natural method and without any use of chemical solvents. Furthermore, they derive from raw materials managed responsibly, respecting the territories and the populations inhabiting them. Vegetable tanning is the most “green” tanning method ever, unlike the ones based on synthetic materials that are presented as “ecological” even if they derive from petrol…

They share our lifelong experience

Objects in vegetable tanned leather with tannins do not get old: they mature. Like good wine! They absorb the traces of our experience over time and become absolutely unique. A vegetable tanned leather bag can last for generations without losing strength and softness; shoes take the perfect shape of our feet. Whoever possesses these objects loves to take care of them, because the emotional bond that comes to life can hardly be established with an object destined to accompany us just for a season or two.

They keep away feet bad smell

Recent studies conducted by prestigious universities have confirmed that vegetable tanned leather with tannin, for example the one used to make the inside of the shoes, lets the foot skin breathe, absorbing sweat and thus avoiding to have an environment which favors bacterial proliferation and preventing the formation of the molecules responsible for the onset of feet bad smell.

They represent a great artisan tradition

Vegetable tanning with tannin involves a production chain of excellence, heir to a great artisan tradition dating back to the Renaissance that has been able to evolve becoming an interpreter of modernity. Choosing a product in vegetable tanned leather means promoting the continuity of this tradition over time.

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